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The Dream Quest One Third Writing Prize

Summer 2010


Abigail Neiheisel

of Hebron, Kentucky, USA


The life of… a disenchanted youth


A normal day for me? I don’t think so. Not my kind of life. Once my life is weird it stays weird and that’s how I think I started out. When I walk down the street with my friends, I always think I’m different and sometimes know I’m different. But sometimes different is good. But when you’re me, it really isn’t. I don’t think anyone really knows me besides my BFFAEABT. (best friend forever and ever and beyond that) that’s probably one of the reasons I’m weird is because I come up with names like that. Lame right? Everyone else has nicknames for their friends but not me and Andrea, we stick to the basics. She calls me “abs” and I call her “and and.” We really are different and not in a good way. Oh, I’m sorry I’m rude. I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Abbie. I really have a weird family too but you probably don’t care about that subject do you? I don’t because then you’ll think I’m even weirder if I talk about them.


Well a not so normal for other people but normal day for me is to wake up, go to school and have a sugar rush at snack time. Watch my boyfriend jump off a swing set for no reason at all at recess. Come in and pass notes with my friends during silent reading. Walk home with friends and talk about crazy things. Come to my house and listen to my sister talk about how much she hearts the Wii. Have my grandma come over and play Dance Dance Revolution with my sister and I. Then listen to my grandpa tell a story that’s not even true. Spend the night with my grandma and grandpa that night. Eat ice cream sandwiches after we’ve already brushed our teeth and then go to sleep. Then the cycle starts over pretty much the same but


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many different things happen to me every day so there really is no normal day for me but that was an example of one day I had when I had my two friends Haley and lily come over to play that night. Long day huh? Not very normal either. I always ask my mom, “Why aren’t we normal?” She’d always say, “It’s good to be different.” “Not really!” I would think.


If you think about it for a long time, my life would make a pretty interesting movie. I think I was born to be weird! Oh and if you think that life would be fun like this then you’re wrong! I’m also a vegetarian. So it’s hard for me to be around my friends because for one thing my friend Sierra is a hunter and is technically a carnivore! Then there’s Laura who doesn’t care what she eats! And there is TJ who eats macaroni all the time so I really don’t know where to stand in this group of mine. And one time Sierra tried to bribe me with a fake crystal necklace. It was really pretty so I took it but I’m still a herbivore and I’m going to give it back to her next Monday. So there’s another thing about me that I don’t know where I belong. I WANT TO BE NORMAL! But unfortunately that’s not happening anytime soon.


As you can tell by now I’m not normal! No matter how many times you say I am, it’s not like there’s going to be a spell that you can put on me to be normal just by saying I’m normal! Yeah, like that’ll really happen. I Hat being me! My life is like; it’s like a disenchanted youth! Life is supposed to be great but it’s not!!! You probably have a normal life don’t you? Maybe if we switch places I’ll finally know what it’s like to be a normal person! But I’m not magic so I can’t do the spell from wizards or Waverly Place. “Abbie you, camia capora (a then clap).” It doesn’t work like that! Only magic can fix me not even normal classes would take care of it. Another thing that makes me un-normal is that my parents are divorced so it’s pretty obvious by now I’m not normal! And if that doesn’t tell you I’m different then listen to this: My dog sings happy birthday! Happy birthday to you! Ruff ruff! Happy Birthday to you! Ruff ruff! Happy birthday dear, Abbie, happy birthday to you! Ruff ruff! That’s what it would sound like if you brought my dog to your house on your birthday!


I’m not normal and you should know that now! You’d hat to be me so that is what it’s like occasionally in my family! It’s a disenchanted youth!


# # #


By Abigail Neiheisel