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 Dream Quest One
First Poetry Prize Winner - WINTER 2016 - 2017
of Fort Collins, Colorado - USA

“The Call of Imagination” 


Follow me and I’ll take you to the moon and we’ll travel the stars,

life is no longer in a jar.

For if we stay in one place, you will only feel like cut flowers trapped in a vase.

The birds fly high with wings no longer on strings.


But birds have wings and I do not; my limitations must not be forgot.

The border must remain, for when a lion is free it cannot be tame to stay and study.


Life’s too short for that.

Come with me and you will be free,

The unknown has beckoned and the road will only thicken.


If you and I go to and fro,

I will want to come back alone. For with you I am home.

Here is where you found me unhappy and alone,

But with you I can sit on the moon and touch the sun.

And when I feel that you are far my relief turns into grief


Then come with me

Take your head out of that book and take a look.

Look at what you’ll see next.

There is nothing to fear when imagination is near.

And if you say it is time to go then all you have to do is let me know.


When tomorrow draws near I will bring you home,

But I will never let the memories we made fade.


Love, Imagination


#   #   #

By Elizabeth Lee

About the poet:

I have been writing as long as I can remember. Writing to me means an adventure happening in my mind. Writing is my history. This world and beyond is where my imagination takes me. Once I start, there is no stopping – just one more sentence.