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Dream Quest One Third Poetry Prize Winner -
Summer 2017
of Gaborone, Botswana - SOUTHERN AFRICA

“The Day I Dream OF”

By Othusitse Joseph


I wait for the day I dream of,
The day I reach my goal and become the vision,
The vision I have longed for since I imagined the future,
A place and a feeling of comfort that never fades,
A day when my heart takes rest from the hurting it felt,
I dream of a day that is not so far away,
The day when the light shines to give birth to a new dawn,
Breaking the walls of separation between my dream and I,
Bringing me to a laughter that has long been chained in my heart,
I think of this day and I keep up with the fight of life,
Pain, disappointment, confusion and betrayals turn to gold in this thought,
Nothing keeps me down and fear stands afraid of my presence,
Oh what joy that floods my well when I think of the day I dream of,
I can hear the whisper of roses, a scent that collides with my thoughts,
Breath taking is the moment of each day I take a step forward,
Forward and closer to the garden besides the fountain of my dream,
With so much peace I close my eyes to sleep because I know,
I know the dream that waits for me when I fall asleep,
This is the day I dream of, being in heaven with God my Father.
By Othusitse Joseph
#     #     #