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Dream Quest One Third Poetry Prize Winner -
Winter 2016 - 2017
of Phoenix, Arizona - USA



My ornate wings frantically flutter against the iron cage

I move back and forth, up and down trying to free myself

But try as I might I am stuck and chained to these confines

I can see the sun shine from above me

Freedom is within reach, I can feel it is close

I will not give up, I will escape


Days go by continuously mundane and I lose hope

I am well fed and I have shelter, but at what cost?

I can feel the warmth of the sun just out of reach

I am alive but without life

I dream about soaring across the sky

I dream about seeing the world

To these beings I am an object

I am a pretty ornament to be sold and bought

Drastically I cut my feathers on these rusted bars

Scarring myself is the only hope I have

These beings find me at my worst

Now that I am not their beautiful ornament I am of no use

I am no longer a beautiful prisoner to them

I am thrown away like damaged property

I lay in the brush unable to fly

Damaged and bloodied, but at least I’m free

I revel in my freedom sadness and joy courses through me

I wish to fly, but I don’t even know if I will live

The sun embraces me

I am living but hardly alive

Everything is at a cost
~By Kelligrace Hernandez
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About the poet:
Mother of two who enjoys writing every day. Into anything geeky and can cook award winning burgers. I am determined to succeed at anything I do despite any hardships I may come across.