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Dream Quest One Third Writing Prize Winner -

WINTER 2015 - 2016



of Bonita Springs, Florida - USA





I Have It All Planned Out! 

By Kenneth L. Feeley



“Honey, I have decided that I am going to build a new garage on the side of the house. Is that okay with you?”


“New garage sure, why not, if you’re sure you can do it, but I think you should plan it all out, just don’t rush in like you always do. Remember what happened the last time.”


“Well, I have it all planned out in my head, I even know what it will look like when it’s done. Don’t worry, it will be great.”


“I suppose, but why don’t you check with Bob and see what he can tell you, remember he built a garage last fall.”


“Bob put together a kit for a garage, it’s not the same. I’m going to add right onto the house.”


“Add onto the house, I thought you were going to build a garage.”


“I am, you’ll see, it will blend right in to the house, and it will make the whole house bigger.”


“When are you going to do this project, expand the house. You know winter is coming and I don’t want to see open walls during winter.”


“Don’t worry it will be all done by winter, shouldn’t take more than a week or two if I do it right. Should be done by Thanksgiving.”


“That’s a big if, why don’t you give Bob a call anyway, maybe he can help you.”


“Bob read numbers on boards and attached part A to part B with numbered screws, he never BUILT anything, and besides, I want to do this myself.”


“Well I guess if you think you can, I can’t stop you, but please don’t put any holes in the wall before winter comes.”

-Page 2-


“Okay, no holes until the last minute, you’ll see, it will be great, a new two car garage with a big loft on the upper level, and a big workbench at one end, it’ll be great.”


“Upper level? Two car garage, what will we need a two car garage for if we still have the one under the house?”


“Oh ‘that,’ I’m just going to close that in, and make it a new work room for all your stuff.”


“Will you need my help? I can help hold boards, or hand you stuff.”


“No, I can handle it. I have it all planned out, you’ll see.”


A few weeks later…


          “Honey, I’ll be out working on the garage all day.”


          “Oh good, it’s going to snow again, and I still haven’t got all the snow out of the bedroom from last week’s storm.”


          How was I supposed to know it would snow in the first week of December, I mean who knew?”


“Just go and board up the opening in the walls and you can finish the garage next spring.”


“No way, I’ll have it done by Christmas, you’ll see, I have it all planned out in my head, and besides, Bob’s coming over to help today.”


#     #     #



By Kenneth L. Feeley



About the author:

At age 65, I retired as the owner of my own business. I had enjoyed writing as a hobby but after retirement, I found time to work at it. I have now published four books and am working with other new writers to reach their goals. I am a member of the Gulf Coast Writers Association in Ft. Meyers, Florida (www.gulfwriters.org) and a past member of the executive board. I also belong to several online groups. Note: I publish my written work under the pen name of Peter Alden Yule.